Eusu Logistics
Eusu Logistics
  • Eusu Logistics plans to become a global logistics service provider.

Eusu Logistics, a global logistics company, consistently putting effort contribute to the sustainable growth of its customers by providing them with optimized logistics service based on “people and system.”

Eusu Logistics is a subsidiary of Eusu Holdings and a third-party logistics service provider. With its differentiated logistics capacity and experiences, Eusu Logistics is doing its best to optimize the supply chain management (SCM) of its customers such as air and marine shipping, overland and railroad transport, customs, project goods transport, warehouse storage, logistics consulting, etc. The company is exerting its best efforts to become the best partner for its customers and help them globalize through the establishment of Eusu Logistics Corporation as well as operating organizations at logistics hubs in Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

It provides customized services including FMS, WMS, and TMS depending on the type of logistics services. Also, the company offers logistics visibility service to improve the quality of its service and to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Build core capabilities
  • Help customers achieve sustainable growth
  • Comply with global standards and ethical management
  • Carry out social responsibility
  • Establish progressive and fulfilling corporate culture