• 12.07 Stock Split (KRW 5,000 -> KRW 2,500)
  • 11.04 Eusu Holdings was established by the Eusu Group.
  • 10.20 CI was relaunched.
  • 06.03 Separated an operating company, Hanjin Shipping
  • 06.01 Division and M&A (The personnel of Shipping Holdings’ 20 businesses and its trademark management business were divided and merged with Hanjin Shipping Holdings.)
  • 03.10 Hanjin SM Co., Ltd. and HJLK Co., Ltd. transferred to subsidiary companies.


  • 03.19 Chairman Choi Eun Young reappointed as CEO
  • 02.13 Signed a contract for the supply of automated packages and the building of a system to operate the King Abdullah Port Terminal in Saudi Arabia by Cyber Logitec


  • 12.31 Achieved sales of 10 trillion for the first time in Korea, Hanjin Shipping
  • 10.23 CyberLogitec signed an agreement with Dubai to build Jabel Ali terminal
    operating system
  • 03.23 Appointed Vice President Yun Ju Sik as CEO


  • 12.16 Hanjin Shipping achieved target of transporting 4 million TEU container cargoes on a yearly basis for the first time in the domestic shipping industry
  • 07.07 Chairman Choi Eun Young received Spanish Citizen Medal in the shipping industry
  • 03.16 Hanjin Shipping opened terminal for containers in Tan Cang Cai Mep, Vietnam


  • 03.19 Appointed Chairman Choi Eun Young and Vice President Jo Yong Min as CEO, respectively
    Qualified as a holding company due to paid-in capital increase following
    investment in kind
  • 01.01 Published Hanjin Shipping-outlining 60 years of history