Company Overview
  • Dear respected shareholders and customers,
    Eusu Holdings is about to take a new leap forward.
  • I want to express my appreciation to all of the shareholders and
    customers who have consistently shown their concern and
    encouraged us for the growth and development of Eusu Holdings
  • Chairwoman of Eusu HoldingsChoi EunYoung

Eusu Holdings has gradually changed to a future-oriented holding company from an operating company that had been managed for about 60 years since its foundation in 1949. The historic holding company was launched on Dec. 1,. 2009. A holding company is a management system designed to focus the corporate capacity on swift and professional decision making and specialized business areas suitable for strengthening responsible management and business characteristics by dividing the roles within an operating company.

Eusu Holdings will strengthen its shareholder-centered management activities by focusing on revenue generation, establishing a vision, enhancing brand values and materializing growth strategies by expanding the business structure and pursuing stable business administration after developing new business. Through this process, the company will strive to maximize value for the company and shareholders.

People say that the sea is a way. Eusu Holdings has taken the leading role in opening up this way by its business in this manner over the past six decades. Eusu Holdings has contributed to the growth of the world economy through trade by linking seas and connecting continents. Through its recent transfer to a holding company, Eusu Holdings is expected to establish a management system equal to that of global companies, while maximizing value for shareholders, by strengthening the transparency and efficiency of corporate governancemanagement.

We put yours and our precious dreams and future into Eusu Holdings, a company that will be launched with the sound of are sounding boat’s whistle. I hope the homes of our shareholders and customers can will be filled with health and happiness.