Eusu (裕秀)
The warm and considerate “leniency” that can be shared with other people and “excellence” that is faithful to the essence, which is ceaselessly developed to lead the future.
Colon :
The meaning of the colon: It refers to the “relationship” that connects a value with its counterpart, as well as forms and promotes such relations. It also implies ① Creativity and Belief, ② Faithfulness and Practice, and ③ Responsibility and Service, which are our part of our heritage. Moreover, it contains a sense of ① Warmth, ② Care, and ③ Sharing, which are part of our group’s future creative culture. It also symbolizes ① IT, ② Ship Management, and ③ Logistics, which are our current businesses. Moreover, it expresses sustainable growth and our group’s infinite possibility by continuously adding more colons in the future.
CI Color
Deep Blue, Light Blue, and Black are used as the basic colors to represent our company. Deep blue symbolizes our heritage as the first listed company that has withstood 65 years in the industry. Meanwhile, light blue means a young and smart company with the spirit of challenge and passion. On the other hand, black stands for the future of our group that is trusted by people all over the world.
CI’s core
key words
eusu, energetic, ubiquitous, smart, uniqu